The Truth About Subway's Chicken And Bacon Ranch Sandwich

There's something about a fast food sandwich that hits differently than one you make at home. Maybe it's the flavor, or maybe it's the fact that you haven't broken down mass-producing sandwiches to a lucrative science. Subway, on the other hand, has. As per Entrepreneur, the company boasts a massive domestic and global presence. To get a sense of just how huge Subway is, consider this mind-boggling stat: it's been estimated that the company serves as many as 5,300 sandwiches every minute.

And it's not like you'll ever run out of choices if you find yourself inside a Subway outlet. The menu has been said to be so customizable that you can create 38 million different combinations. Wait, what? That means if you want bacon, you can order it. Ditto if you want chicken. You can ask for ranch sauce, too. You can even have them all in a sandwich that the chain designed for you: the Chicken and Bacon Ranch sandwich. But Here's what you need to keep in mind: the nutritional facts might leave you feeling a little salty.

It's high in sodium

As per an article by Eat This, Not That!, the Chicken and Bacon Ranch can really ruin your diet plans in a jiffy. Sigh. What does it have? Delicious ingredients such as cheese, bacon, chicken breast, and ranch sauce that together could cost you somewhere around 610 calories for just a 6-inch sub. There are also 32 grams of fat to consider, 41 grams of carbs, and a large amount of sodium (1,340 milligrams) based on those numbers. However, it's worth pointing point that Subway's nutrition guide provides different figures, listing 530 calories, 26 grams of fat, 41 grams of carbs, and 1,100 milligrams of sodium.

Even with those differences, you'd easily be consuming a large amount of fat and about half your daily sodium intake in a single sitting. If Eat This Not That! is correct, then you'd be better off getting a Big Mac. Who would've guessed that one? As pointed out by Fast Food Nutrition, your calories can go up based on the size of your sandwich.