Why Chrissy Teigen Just Dressed Up Like A Hooters Waitress

Despite losing popularity among some consumers, Hooters continues to be a somewhat iconic restaurant. From the food to the outfits the servers wear, there's a lot to love (and a lot to hate) about the chain, which opened its doors in 1983. According to XTalks, a significant issue for millennial consumers has been the vestments of the scantly-clad servers, which has attributed to much of the dip in sales. 

Regardless of what many might feel about the actual restaurant, that hasn't stopped people from donning the iconic white tank top, tight orange shorts, stockings, black apron, and white sneakers as a Halloween outfit. Enter, Chrissy Teigen. Diehard fans of the mom-of-two know that she takes dressing up for fun events and holidays like Halloween very seriously. Which, to no one's surprise, is why the cookbook author and model completely rocked her latest getup in a series of posts on Instagram.

Teigen was attending a Hooters-inspired birthday party

According to Delish, Teigen was celebrating the birthday of a dear friend; the space was decked out in the signature orange and white that's become synonymous with Hooters. Not only was Teigen dressed in the iconic server outfit with a bun, but the party also had a two-tier cake adorned with realistic-looking chicken wings and celery sticks (staple menu items at Hooters) made by the famous Carlo's Bakery. There were also champagne bottles that were filled with orange and white M&M's

Additionally, Teigen's husband, musician John Legend, got into the festive spirit, and donned a Hooters managerial getup to fall in line with the tone of the party. Bustle reports that there was also "everything from garlic habanero ranch wings to curly fries" to everything in-between. It even seems that little Luna was able to enjoy the festivities as she popped up in some of the pictures shared by Teigen, dressed in a regular Hooters shirt and black pants.