Everything You Need To Know About Hershey's Collab With Kung Fu Tea

If you count yourself as a bubble tea lover, you aren't alone – according to Fortune Business Insight, this specialty beverage brought in over $823 million across America in 2019. With this trendy Taiwanese beverage featuring milk teas and chewy tapioca balls on the rise, it should come as no surprise that bubble tea now features a chocolatey twist that many of us have waited ages for (via Eater).

If you love bubble tea and have a Kung Fu Tea location in your area, brace yourself for an exciting collaboration. According to a statement sent to Mashed, Kung Fu Tea has partnered with Hershey's Chocolate to bring us the Hershey's Series signature collection of bubble teas. This collection features the flavors Hershey's S'mores Slush and Hershey's Cocoa in hot and cold varieties at locations nationwide, with a third flavor, Hershey's S'mores Coffee Slush, available at select locations.

If you frequent bubble tea shops and wish you could indulge in more chocolate, this collaboration aims to give you some more sweet options that can make anyone's mouth water. While we can't wait to try these drinks for ourselves, we can't grab them quite yet.

A Hershey's collaboration for fans of chocolate and bubble tea

If you have already grabbed your bags and have started to head out the door to grab one of these new drinks, hold your horses. According to the statement Mashed received, we can start trying each drink on March 14th. Just make sure to try them all soon, as the team-up only lasts for a limited time, and who knows when Kung Fu Tea plans to bring back more chocolatey options? In the meantime, we can still daydream about the flavors wrapped up in each drink. 

The S'mores Slush features Hershey's Chocolate mixed with ice and a creamy bottom layer of marshmallows. S'mores Slush with Coffee combines Hershey's chocolate with coffee and a bottom layer of marshmallow. Hershey's Cocoa serves up a more modest flavor combo, blending fresh milk, Hershey's chocolate, and vanilla. To really get the full bubble tea experience, consider topping off any of these drinks with tapioca pearls. But since Kung Fu Tea's toppings are customizable (via Kung Fu Tea's website), you can pick what seems perfect for you!