Buffalo Wild Wings Has Great News For Fans Of Its Tots

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of those places that you can go to during a major sporting event, celebrating the occasion with a huge serving of beer and chicken wings. As per Mental Floss, the brand had a winning marketing strategy in its early days: The company placed its outlets close to college campuses around the country before widening its reach and expanding its target audience.

The brand seems to be doing something right. Chew on this: While almost every other business was suffering during the recession, Buffalo Wild Wings stayed successful, serving inexpensive and easy meals throughout that period, giving customers something to look forward to. Their sales figures remain quite impressive as well — the establishments are believed to sell a combined total of around two billion wings each year.

The brand has some exciting news for its loyalists, by the way. Intrigued? Here's the full lowdown. Tip: it's definitely something to look forward to.

It is introducing a new dish

As reported by Chewboom, Buffalo Wild Wings has now come up with a special item for its fans: Buffalo Chicken Tots. What can you expect from this dish? Delectable tots, served with a range of irresistible ingredients such as buffalo seasoning, blue cheese crumbles, medium buffalo sauce, onions, Fresno chilies, and blue cheese. That does sound rather delicious.

Note that these treats are only available for a limited period. So, if you're curious, you should probably try the Buffalo Chicken Tots sooner rather than later. Here's one thing that you may want to keep in mind, though. As per the Fast Food Post, these tots are priced at around $10.99, depending on where you're based, and here's the kicker: All that deliciousness also means they're rather heavy on calories — you're looking at somewhere around 2,110 calories for each plate. You'll probably want to share this meal with your closest friends instead of trying to finish it off by yourself.