Steak 'N Shake Is Giving Away Free Fries. Here's How To Get Some

Including the words "free" and "fries" in the same sentence always get our attention, and when Steak 'N Shake adds the phrase "no purchase necessary," we are definitely listening. All you have to do is go to your local Steak 'N Shake, walk up to the counter, and ask for free fries (via Chew Boom). No, really – just ask. Of course, you might want to take advantage and get some extra bang for fewer bucks than usual. Want a burger and fries? Pay for the burger, and get free fries. Prefer a shake and fries? Pay for the shake, and get free fries. There's a one-per-customer limit, though, so choose wisely.

For those who are adding a bit more social distance, there's also the option to ask for free fries online. It's worth noting that you may not get the deal in all locations, so you might want to check online in advance anyway to make sure you live near a participating location.

In sight it must be right

This isn't the first time Steak 'N Shake has offered the free fries promo. In January of 2020, the company announced the same deal on Instagram, "[Christmas tree emoji] are fleeting, [fries emoji] are forever.  Grab your FREE order of our thin 'n crispy fries all day every day, at participating locations. Simply ask us with a smile and they're yours. Limit one per customer" (via Instagram). Given the company's recent financial woes, which nearly caused it to declare bankruptcy, and the big change it may make to its ordering system, this familiar offer might be especially welcome news.

naysayers might note that Steak N' Shake isn't exactly known for having the best fries in fast food, but the deal seems like a crowd-pleaser to the people who commented on Instagram in January. In the words of one fry fan, "These are my favorite they make my heart sing." Another exclaimed, "Amazing!! Love this! Because In Sight it must be right! #Steaknshake #steakandshake #Insightitmustberight #burgers #fries." Besides, for this decades-old restaurant chain that's famous for steakburgers and milkshakes, fries seem like a natural complement to almost any item on the menu. So it might be worth it to stop by and get your crispy potato treats before this offer expires.