The Surprising Topping Chef Jamie Oliver Puts On His Sausage Pizza

Few things are more controversial in the food world than pizza toppings. Seriously, the whole pineapple on pizza thing? That's pretty much guaranteed to spark a heated debate anywhere you go. Some other controversial toppings? Barbecue sauce, corn, clams, shrimp — there's no shortage of possibilities when you talk about twisted food combos.

British chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver takes controversial pizza toppings to a whole other level, though. Oliver is no stranger to stirring up some controversy, so it's not totally out of character for him to switch up his normally minimalistic cooking style to toss an extra ingredient onto his sausage pizza that no one was expecting: grapes. No, that's not a typo. Move over, pineapple; you're not the only fruit topping in town anymore.

Oliver took his sausage and grape pizza to Twitter to see what his followers thought of the combo — and honestly, the results are kind of surprising.

The Twitter poll results

Okay, so there are definitely weirder food combos out there, but grapes with hot melted cheese and marinara? It ranks up there. According to Oliver's Twitter poll, only 17.1 percent of people were "Totally!!" for it, while 17.5 percent were on the fence. As for the rest of the voters, 65.4 percent chose the "Nah, not for me" option, brushing off the idea of adding grapes to a pizza altogether.

The comments section of the poll reflects the final results pretty well, with many Twitter users asserting things like, "The only grapes that should go with pizza are in red wine." Those who supported grapes as a pizza topping also made their voices heard, though. One user touts, "Our family pizza night often includes a grape, honey and rosemary pizza, with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts. It's a favourite." So, will you be adding grapes to your next pie?