You've Been Making Irish Coffee Wrong This Whole Time

Whether you need a pick-me-up in the middle of a work day or you're the kind of person who prefers to start your day with a steaming hot cup of java, coffee is one of those versatile drinks that's good for a variety of occasions. The best part? You can choose to experiment with different types of coffee: black coffee, flavored coffee, coffee with a bit of whipped cream, and more.

One of the most delicious versions of the drink is Irish coffee, which consists of coffee, sugar, cream, and whisky (via Food & Wine). It may sound simple, but there are still a few details that are worth keeping in mind if you're hoping to brew and craft the perfect glass. One of the factors worth noting? Avoid adding espresso to the mix. That's a surefire way to make an Irish coffee that's far too strong, leading to a disappointing experience overall. Medium-roasted beans are a better bet in this scenario, according to Food & Wine. But that's not all — here's what else you should know about getting this cocktail just right.

Getting the basics right is essential when it comes to Irish coffee

As explained by Food & Wine, some of the other things worth noting while brewing a cup of Irish coffee is that you want to stick to regular whisky instead of heavier varieties that can really ruin the drink's flavor profile and overpower the original taste. When it comes to selecting the right sugar, says that personal preference comes first — whether that be a syrup or cubes.

And what about the cream? One Reddit user took to a thread to share some useful advice. "You don't want the cream too whipped. Ideally, it should still be quite loose, but whipped enough that it's gloopy," they wrote. "The death of every Irish Coffee is when the cream settles." So, moderation is key when you're preparing the frothy top of an Irish coffee. Also, be mindful about adding too many ingredients to your cocktail as this can overwhelm your tastebuds and take away from the drink itself, explains Food & Wine. A simple recipe for Irish coffee will take you a long way!