The Ridiculous Amount Of Coffee Sylvester Stallone Drank Every Day For Rocky III

Rocky fans will recall Philly's favorite heavyweight had some serious matches in the third installment of the beloved franchise. Not only did Sylvester Stallone's namesake character have to go up against Thunderlips (ostentatiously played by Hulk Hogan) in a charity match and show up Clubber Lang (a menacing Mr. T), but he also had to face down some demons of his own (via IMDb). Notably, Stallone adopted a grueling diet for his iconic role.

Stallone revealed on Instagram exactly just what went into creating the Italian Stallion's physique. He wrote that he only ate "small portions of oatmeal cookies made with brown rice" and "a couple scoops of tuna fish." His body fat even neared 2.9 percent, which he noted "is a really dangerous level." According to Men's Health, that's similar to the body fat level of a bodybuilder.

Most shocking, perhaps, was his coffee intake. The actor drank up to an incredible 25 cups of coffee a day (with honey)! To put that in perspective, the FDA has cited the amount of caffeine intake per day that is not "generally associated with dangerous, negative effects" as only 400 milligrams — or the equivalent of four or five cups of coffee.

What all did the Rocky III diet do to Sylvester Stallone?

Mickey may have been on something when he told Rock, "Women weaken legs" (via Screen Rant). But ingesting that much caffeine also comes with some seriously concerning side effects. Stallone's fight-scene choreography was undeniably intense, and according to his Instagram post, he would get lightheaded and exhausted between rounds. When, apparently, he would go to the corner and do a headstand to "try to get some blood back into my head."

Livestrong warns that consuming fewer calories than required for proper physical functioning can lead to blood sugar levels dropping below normal levels and recommends consulting with a doctor or nutritionist to work towards a remedy to stabilize those levels. According to the FDA, overconsuming caffeine can also cause a list of undesirable effects like insomnia, jitters, anxiousness, headaches, and nausea. 

But, there is some good news for those among us who like a cup of joe in the morning. Drinking the right amount of coffee may have some positive effects. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, substances found in coffee may guard against Alzheimer's and heart disease. Now, that's some news that might make coffee lovers want to do their own champ dance.