Survey Reveals How Many People Would Give Up Pizza For The Rest Of Their Lives

When it comes to comfort foods, everyone seems to have their own favorite. But when Mashed readers were asked in a survey which food they would prefer to give up for the rest of their lives, the chips were down on which foods were in or out. The options included pizza, french fries, mac and cheese, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and an "Other" category for write-ins.

A total of 656 people responded, and the food most people opted to give up forever might surprise you. It was actually mac and cheese with 36.59 percent of the vote. That means 240 of the 656 people voted for it to be the one dish they would give up. The runner up for the food most would never eat again was fried chicken with 23.17 percent of the vote or 152 people voting for it. In third place was french fries, with noticeably slimmer margins of people who would want to give them up. Only 108 people — or 16.46 percent of the vote — selected to sacrifice this salty treat. But what about pizza?

Only this fraction of people would give pizza up for good

The love for pizza is real, as cheeseburgers were the next option to go, with 12.20 percent of votes from 80 people. The "Other" category received the fewest votes with only 2.59 percent from 17 people. Some of the more popular answers of foods they'd give up that they wrote in were asparagus, lima beans, and steak.

That leaves us with pizza, which was the last food that was listed that people would want to give up forever. Only 8.99 percent of the vote went to pizza which means only 59 people from the survey would want to give it up for the rest of their lives.

As it turns out, people love pizza so much because of chemistry, according to The Washington Post. The combinations of flavors and the compound that many of them contain, glutamate, causes the brain "to get excited and to crave more of it," per The Washington Post. So perhaps pizza isn't the last food people would want to give up because it's really the best. Instead, it just might be your brain telling you what it wants chemically instead.