Costco Fans Have Mixed Feelings About This Salmon Wellington

Well, it appears that Instagrammer Costco_doesitagain has done it again. The well-followed Instagram account (we're talking 976,000 followers) dedicated to passionate and healthy living, feeding their families amazing food, and sharing their best Costco finds, posted a photo on March 16, 2021 of a new frozen food item that recently became available at Costco, and as per the "uje," it's already generating its fair share of likes (as of this writing, 1,581 and counting). 

The item in question is Handy Seafood's Salmon Wellington, which is described on the box as "Atlantic Salmon topped with sautéed spinach and a blend of cheeses wrapped in a flaky puff pastry." As of March 16, Handy Seafood's Salmon Wellington was available only in Costco's Texas locations. And that, in and of itself, is enough to stir up some mixed feelings of both FOMO and JOMO among fellow-Instagrammers. But those are hardly the only feelings that this Costco_doesitagain's post is stirring up. Apparently Costco fans have their reasons for having mixed feelings about the new Salmon Wellington.

Well, you can't please everyone...

Before we get into all the mixed feelings Costco fans are expressing about the store's new frozen Salmon Wellington, we should point out that this particular product has nothing to do with the questionable Costco salmon that we have warned about in the past.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it seems that some Costco fans are thrilled about the new offering. For example, Instagrammers Boogerredhead and Jdayvega both expressed enthusiasm and agreed with one another that they were going to have to go get some. And Instagrammer Madreyadi, who has apparently already tried them said they're planning a trip to Costco tomorrow (presumably, for more). Others , however, expressed skepticism, with some pointing out the item looks suspiciously like a Hot Pocket. And Instagrammer Kayla2sabes stated, simply, "This sounds gross lol." 

What it appears that no one has pointed out yet, however, is the fact that this Salmon Wellington is made from Atlantic salmon, which, at least in the U.S., is almost inevitably going to come from salmon farms, according to Fulton Fish Market. As you may already know, farmed salmon has way more calories per serving than wild salmon (via Healthline), probably contains more antibiotics, isn't good for the environment, and overall, it isn't good for you. Basically, before you run off to Costco to pick up your own box of Salmon Wellington, you should consider brushing up on the difference between farmed salmon and wild salmon