You Probably Didn't Know The Story Behind The McDonald's Jingle

Ba-da-ba-ba-ba... the second you hear the lead in that jingle, you can't help but sing "I'm lovin' it" in your head. This catchy and much-sung jingle is almost as eponymous as the McDonald's logo or even Ronald McDonald himself. In one listen, you can conjure up memories of devouring Happy Meals as a kid; munching on those best-selling crispy, salty fries; and reminiscing about that familiar fast food smell that made stomachs rumble. And who could forget downing a McFlurry for dessert?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what mastermind came up with the slogan that we can't get out of our heads? It may not be the only jingle they've had, but it is the one with the longest impact, just ask CBS News. There is an interesting origin story that notes exactly where these simple, but genius lyrics come from, as well as the jingle music that accompanies it.

The story behind the slogan

It's often hard to pinpoint the exact origin of a brand's advertising strategy, but The Takeout dove into the back story of McDonald's in order to give us some more insight into its history. While it may seem older, apparently the slogan actually came about in the 2000s, if you can believe that. The company wasn't doing great in terms of the stock market, so it challenged 14 advertising agencies to come up with a worldwide campaign that would not only turn its deficit around, but also translate well to a variety of cultures, languages, and personalities. Heye & Partner, a German ad agency, ended up solving the riddle of the slogan.

From there, Tom Batoy and Franco Tortora of Mona Davis were given the arduous task of putting it to music (via The Takeout). Then to really seal the deal, they recorded and released the jingle before it was incorporated into McDonald's advertising so people knew it before they could even associate it with the brand.

This stroke of smarts is likely what solidified its place in mainstream culture, having people see it as not just a jingle, but a catchy tune. If this sparked some curiosity into their other slogans and jingles, Thrillist compiled a round-up of McDonald's slogans and catchphrases throughout the years and the list is actually pretty interesting — although nothing can compete with this clear fan favorite.