What Is Kookoo Sabzi And When Is It Served?

If you have never celebrated Nowruz, you don't know what you have missed out on! According to Middle East Eye, the Persian New Year of Nowruz happens every year during the spring equinox, which usually falls between March 19 and March 21. This year, Nowruz starts on March 20, and we can expect to see celebrations featuring the burning of effigies, singing, and more food than you could imagine. Traditionally, no Nowruz celebration is complete without foods like apples, the sweet wheatgrass pudding samanu, sumac berries, and green foods (via SBS).

If you would like to celebrate Nowruz and need a traditional green dish for the holiday, nothing hits the spot like kookoo sabzi. According to Food & Wine, this dish resembles a frittata with fewer eggs and many more herbs and leafy greens stuffed in. Light, fluffy eggs are mixed with onions caramelized in turmeric, fresh basil, and romaine lettuce to lend this dish a taste and texture like no other. The fresh vegetables evoke the feeling that spring has arrived, and each family has their own twist on the recipe, meaning no two kookoo sabzi taste alike.

A different kookoo sabzi in every home

No matter where you go, you can guarantee to find different recipes for kookoo sabzi. Persian Mama says you can use some heaping handfuls of cilantro, dill, and chives to give your dish that signature green hue perfect for Nowruz. You can also throw some parsley into the mix to make the flavors really shine, and don't forget to serve it with a side of tangy Greek yogurt (via Foodie With Family). According to Yummy Notes, some cooks even toss walnuts into the recipe to give their kookoo sabzi an extra textural edge. As long as you embrace the fresh herbs and leafy greens, you can't go wrong with this classic dish that begs you to come back for seconds.

No Nowruz celebration should go without a pan of kookoo sabzi, a holiday treat that guarantees to enter your weekly meal plan year round. After one bite, you'll understand what made this dish an iconic meal to help ring in spring.