The Hilarious Way This Australian Healthy Food Chain Just Trolled KFC

Colonel Sanders has been seen consuming chicken fried by a competitor. Or, at least, a Colonel Sanders impersonator was photographed eating fried chicken in front of a Grill'd — the Australian food chain that proclaims itself as the healthy alternative — in a PR stunt orchestrated by said Grill'd.

As Nine reported, this is part of the short fire campaign Grill'd is running around their HFC (Healthy Fried Chicken) Hot Bites, which will be available at Grill'd locations until the end of March 22 in sets of six for 8.50 Australian Dollars and nine for 11.50. The name is a barely veiled dig at KFC, which is appropriate as Australia, according to The New Zealand Herald's reporting, was the testing grounds for the name change from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC. However, as is clear, the smaller domestic fried chicken chain has decided to troll its competitor to try and stand out. This also isn't the first time Grill'd has taken a jab at KFC. 

Grill'd has embarked on a one-sided campaign

The HFC Hot Bits offered by Grill'd is designed to appeal to those looking for a healthier alternative to KFC. QSR Media details that Grill'd's healthier attempt at KFC's popcorn chicken contains 58 percent less total fat and 47 percent less sodium than the original.

However, as the concept for the very product is a troll, the trolling campaign has included more than just a photograph and a cheeky choice of name. In November, noted that Grill'd had stationed trucks before KFC stores in Melbourne and Sydney. The sides read "Dear KFC Employees, you get free HFC." Underneath a clarification stated the free food was only available to employees who would come while still in uniform, thus showing brand disloyalty.

The Brag discovered in 2018 that out of the major fast food brands in Australia, KFC proved the second most popular, having served 40.8 percent of Australians to McDonald's 52.7 percent. Grill'd didn't do quite so hot, only serving 12.2 percent. Perhaps this exertion of trolling will swing some towards Grill'd, but really, KFC probably won't need to worry too much about the small competitor.