Costco Shoppers In The US Are Jealous Of This Giant Chocoflan

While we tend to think of flan as a creamy custard coated in a sugar sauce, the origins of this decadent dessert stem from Romans trying to find a way to use as many eggs as possible. According to Cheesecake, the modern flan traces its lineage back to the Roman empire, which faced a massive egg surplus. In order to use all of these eggs, chefs created the first flans, some of which featured eel and black pepper. The dish evolved over time and spread across Europe, eventually landing in Mexico via Spanish conquistadors, resulting in the flan we know and love today. 

Flan continues to maintain its popularity in Mexico, and shoppers recently discovered the mother of all flan at a Costco in Cabo. According to Instagram user @costcodeals, one of their followers discovered a massive chocolate flan on vacation, weighing in at 1.95 kilograms (about 4 pounds) and costing 109 pesos. @costcodeals posted this find, alongside the caption: "A follower vacationing in Cabo sent us this pic of this huge #chocoflan! That's $109 pesos about $5 US dollars! They need to bring this to the States!!" and hungry Costco can't get enough!

The largest Costco flan you could imagine

Followers wish they could get their hands on this mega chocolate flan. They have flooded the post with over 11,000 likes, and a deluge of hungry responses, like "Where do we petition to get Chocoflan in U.S. Costcos?" and "Oh my gahhhhhh I got excited there for a minute." Some users have even tried this massive flan, chiming in with "Yessss please!!! It's sooooo Gooood!!!!" and "They had this at the Costco near San Francisco!" The closest we can hope to come to this sweet dessert at most US Costcos comes in the form of pre-made Marie Morin Caramel Flans, but these individually-portioned treats just can't compare to the 4-pound flan seen in Cabo.

Promotional materials for Costco's Chocoflan say that it's a mix of a flan and a cake, with a creamy top and spongy chocolate bottom. With any luck, Costco could bring this behemoth of a dessert stateside in the near future.