LaCroix Is Releasing Three Summery New Flavors. Here's What We Know

When you need a refreshing drink with no calories, nothing hits the spot like a can of LaCroix. According to Bon Appetit, the brand originated in Wisconsin during 1981 and over the next decades, took the sparkling water market by storm. Over the years, the beverage re-designed itself several times over to fit the image of what we want in sparkling water, while introducing us to a slew of different flavors that carry a ton of flavor without any sugar. 

With summer on the horizon, we can start fantasizing about sunny picnics, beach days, and refreshing new LaCroix flavors. According to a statement sent to Mashed, LaCroix has some exciting new flavors rolling in just in time for summer. The brand plans to launch Beach Plum, Black Razzberry, and Guava São Paulo nationwide this spring, giving us even more options of naturally-essenced sparkling water we can grab when thirst strikes.

The new flavors add some summer sparkle to the LaCroix family

The new flavors bring some added summer sparkle to the LaCroix family. According to the statement, Beach Plum captures the flavor and coolness of the namesake fruit, while the new Black Razzberry beverage provides an exciting tangy and sweet flavor that can get you pumped up to spend some time outside. Guava São Paulo rounds out the trio, delivering a refreshing tropical guava taste perfect for days at the beach. These flavors follow up the latest LaCroix flavors, LimonCello, Pastèque and Hi-Biscus, and join the current 27 available sparkling waters that the brand serves up (via LaCroix).

For a refreshing, hydrating way to celebrate the warm weather and the outdoors, nothing hits the spot like a can of LaCroix. With these new flavors, the brand guarantees to keep delivering the perfect zero-calorie accompaniment for the good times.