Survey: This Is People's Least Favorite Grocery Store

Everyone has a different reason for loving the grocery store that they frequent. Whether it's the price, the product, or the layout of the store, all of these factors play into why customers return again and again. Once you learn where everything is in a grocery store, no one wants to continue switching things up to have to relearn the layout and add time to shopping.

Mashed recently conducted a survey to find out people's least favorite grocery store, and you might be surprised by which ones placed toward the bottom. A total of 504 people from the United States responded to the survey, and the two grocery stores with the least amount of votes — meaning that they were favorites — will come as no shock.

Trader Joe's was at the top of the list with 8.93 percent of the vote (aka 45 people). Clearly, Trader Joe's products and customer service make it far from most people's least favorite grocery store. Next up was another cult-fave grocery store, Costco, with 10.32 percent of votes from 52 people. Finally, 12.30 percent of the vote, by 62 people, landed in the "Other" category, where people can write in their answers. Many of them said their least favorite grocery store was Walmart. However, Food Lion, Price Chopper, and Giant were also mentioned.

These are the grocery stores people dislike the most

In third and fourth place, coming in as two of the least favorite grocery stores — with only one vote separating them — were Kroger and Sam's Club. Kroger earned 15.28 percent of the vote from 77 people and Sam's Club racked up 15.48 percent of the vote from 78 people. Clearly, they are both disliked by grocery shoppers in almost equal measure.

The last two grocery stores had a relatively sharp incline in votes. In second place was Aldi with 16.67 percent of the vote. That means 84 people voted for Aldi as their least favorite grocery store. But, the winner of the survey with the most votes for the least favorite grocery store was Ralphs. It gained 21.03 percent of the vote, which means 106 people expressed their disdain for shopping at Ralphs' outlets.

No matter if or where your favorite grocery store placed in our survey, the important thing is that you like shopping at the chain or local store you frequent.