Read This If You Ever Bought Real Water

Water is a natural resource that provides the body with a slew of different benefits. According to Healthline, drinking sufficient water can help the body stay hydrated, assist with overall brain function, and can even aid in losing weight. Everyone grew up hearing that they needed to drink at least eight cups of water a day in order to meet the necessary daily water requirements, but a Mayo Clinic report states otherwise. The report cites that folks only need to drink what is necessary for their bodies, and not an ounce more. 

According to Statista, about 88 percent of Americans drink water every day (totaling over 43 gallons per capita). Because of this and rising concerns in overall health, more and more companies have begun upping their water bottle game and offering things like sparkling water, artesian water, and alkaline water. Regardless of what you buy, it's important to always know what's in your water, as sometimes impure water can make you sick — something that unfortunately happened to five children in Nevada (per The Republic).

The FDA issued a warning against drinking Real Water products

According to The Republic, five children were hospitalized after local and federal officials linked their liver illness to the consumption of Real Water bottled water. The report cites that the health issue is allegedly linked to the company's Las Vegas home delivery system. Parents of one of the children filed a lawsuit against the company that sells their bottled alkaline water in states like Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Los Angeles. 

KTLA5 reports that Brent Jones, the company's president, issued a statement assuring that the company would discontinue any further sales of the water "until the issue is resolved." The outlet also cites how local health officials began looking into possible links for the children's illness after it was reported that there were cases of people suffering from "acute non-viral hepatitis that resulted in acute liver failure." In addition to this, local authorities also reviewed six additional cases where three children and three adults complained about less severe symptoms as well.