The Diet Bob Barker Credited For His Long Life

Bob Barker is best known for becoming the face of the "revival of The Price is Right" in 1972 (after the show had been off the air for several years), according to Britannica, and carried it until the new host Drew "Carey-ed" the show when he took over in 2007. Until that time, and arguably even now, Barker has been the main face and name that many instantly recognize the second the show is brought up.

Barker mentioned in an interview with The Vegetarian Times that hosting The Price is Right "was a physical workout and very demanding mentally." He said the show "requires moving all over a huge stage, doing a different show every day." And he did it until age 83. To get through 35 years of hour-long shows, he must have been in incredible shape health-wise and is still alive at 97 years old (fans celebrated his birthday in December 2020, according to TV Web). So, what is his secret?

His big secret is actually not so big. Barker named his meat-free diet and exercise routine as the reasons he was able to last so many years. Diet-wise, he told the Vegetarian Times back in 2012 that he had been an active "vegetarian for about 35 years" and credited his wife with helping him make the change. Among his favorite foods at the time was pasta primavera. His favorite vegetables included "broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and asparagus."

For Bob Barker, the diet is right

After originally attributing his vegetarianism to his love for animals, Barker also began to notice how much healthier he felt and has promoted those perceived benefits to fans. According to USA Today, in a video for PETA, he said, "Eating meat means you have much greater chance of losing your mind!"

Believe it or not, on top of his lofty eating habits, Barker told the Vegetarian Times he also took karate lessons from Chuck Norris before Norris made it to the mainstream. Bob recalled that Chuck was a guest on Truth or Consequences back when Barker was the host. Eventually, the two started lessons, turning his garage into a dojo of sorts. He did it until he was 70+ years old. But at the time of the article, about 10 years ago, his choice exercises were a bit tamer and less taxing on his body.

Whatever he's doing now may be working for him, as he is 97 and has survived a myriad of health issues, according to Distractify. Perhaps there are lessons we can take from the man, the myth, and the legend.