How Much Jet's Pizza Employees Really Make

For those of you who have been blessed enough to indulge in a pie from Jet's Pizza, we're sure you're able to attest to how deliciously satisfying it is. Though your love for the brand may not be as extensive as its founder Eugene Jetts, who — as the official Jet's Pizza website notes — chose to lease the space for the first location over purchasing his home in 1978, one thing you can probably agree with him on is how dang good the pizzas from there are. And if you haven't had a slice of its unforgettable "Detroit-style pizzas" or its "hand-tossed round, thin-crust, and NY Style pizzas," then you have no idea what it is that you're missing.

Landing on the 2016 "Best Franchises" list for Forbes, the longstanding chain continues to impress new and revisiting customers every day that they're open. And with a mission to consistently deliver fresh, quality ingredients, it's no wonder why Restaurant Business noted in January that Jet's Pizza landed in the top spot on Technomic Iginite's "Most Craveable Chain Pizzas" list. While the company is highly coveted amongst pizza fans, does that love for the company translate to those who work at Jet's Pizza? If you're basing it on pay alone, you'll have to determine what "good pay" means to you.

Restaurant managers don't rake in a huge amount

Although Forbes reported in April 2020 that Jet's Pizza (among a number of other big pizza joints) had plans to embark on "hiring sprees yielding tens of thousands of new employees," if you were looking to land a job at any of the locations near you, don't expect to get paid an incredible amount.

According to Indeed, those that are hired as food prep workers, cooks, and crew members will all make an hourly amount within the $9 price range. Kitchen team members bring home a little more as they are paid around $10.28 per hour and shift leaders — who have a little more responsibility — make almost $11.50 an hour.

Surprisingly, however, if you decide to take on a managerial role (like that of a restaurant manager, assistant manager, or just a general title as manager), average hourly amounts range between $12.22 and $13.71, while delivery drivers make around $14.19 an hour. Which, when the latter is compared against other pizza chains like Fox's Pizza Den, is much more than expected. As with any place of employment, these estimated pay rates can change based on a number of factors such as location, job duties, and experience. With a little over $14 being the starting rate for delivery drivers though, applying for a position may not be a bad idea.