This Avocado TikTok Hack Is Turning Heads

Avocados have been around for thousands of years (via Smithsonian Magazine), but the fruit (yes, it's a fruit) really started gaining serious traction in 2016, when the global imports of avocados hit $4.82 billion, according to the International Trade Centre. And avocado's biggest fan? The United States. We're talking about $1.99 billion spent on importing avocados. That said, avocado has now made its way into our daily diets, whether it's in the form of a spread for toast, a dip like guacamole, or stuffed between seaweed and rice in a sushi roll.

With so many different ways to use avocado, there comes a variety of methods to cut and prepare it. The most common way is to cut it lengthwise until the knife hits the pit and rotate it in your hand until the fruit is cut in half — but what if you don't have a knife (via Real Simple)? According to a recent TikTok video that went viral, that isn't a problem (via TikTok).

This avocado "life hack" doesn't require a knife

In the video posted by user @welcome2lydialand, the TikTok user shares a "life hack" that people seem to feel pretty strongly about. The caption reads, "Forgot my knife at home, life hack ... this looks so gross." In the 10-second video, the @welcome2lydialand says, "Pinch the top, right ... and squeeze it out," as they remove the avocado stem and squeeze out the insides of the fruit until mushed avocado comes out of the opening. Once on their sandwich, it looks like regularly-prepared avocado, despite the unusual method used to open it.

The avocado hack video has over 5.6 million views, and in the comments section, TikTokers are split on whether this is pure genius or just plain wrong. One user said, "Tell me something that feels illegal but it isn't." Other users commented on how the method wastes a lot of the fruit that might be stuck inside the shell, to which @welcome2lydialand responded, "You scrape the rest of it out with a piece of the avocado shell. All the protein is near the skin ... I forgot my knife. Otherwise, I'd just use that." So, will you be putting this avocado trend to the test?