Popeyes Has Good News For Fans In The UK

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was opened back in 1972 by an ambitious entrepreneur named Al Copeland who originally called it Chicken On The Run. As per Mental Floss, Copeland tried to keep the spice levels low in his chicken dishes when he first started his venture, but decided that his customers preferred a bit more heat and switched things up. He also made sure to emphasize the fact that his restaurant was serious about serving high-quality fast food, and wouldn't keep their customers waiting for their orders.

Additionally, these days, customers at Popeyes don't need to feel restricted while dining at the restaurant, and can choose from a variety of options including Cajun- and Southern-style chicken, red beans with rice, jambalaya, and more. (via Money Inc). If you're a fan of Popeyes and are in the U.K., you're in for a sweet surprise: the restaurant has just released some exciting news.

Popeyes is expanding fast

Die hard fans may already know that Popeyes has already managed to expand to international locations such as Switzerland, Sri Lanka, China, and Spain. Additionally, as reported by CNN, Popeyes has announced that it's bringing its stores to the U.K this year — and the plan is an ambitious one. Popeyes is looking at opening as many as 350 restaurants in the U.K. in the next decade. Phew! As Popeyes UK co-founder Elias Diaz explained, "We are looking to many locations at this particular moment." 

Popeyes is hoping that its launch will help boost the morale of the public as they continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic. As per Eaterthe first location will be launched in London before Popeyes expands to other places in the U.K. Additionally, Famous Brands International is collaborating with Popeyes to franchise it in the U.K. "The UK is such an exciting market and we think the authenticity of our brand and product is something customers here want to see," the company said in a statement. The collaboration will potentially help a lot of British workers in the hospitality industry, too.