Keto Dieters Have Mixed Feelings About Costco's Chocolate Coconut Trail Mix

If you want to start a keto diet, you have your work cut out for you. According to Healthline, anyone looking to embark on this weightloss journey has to abstain from as many carbs as possible, while increasing their daily fat intake. These factors combine together to put your body into a state of ketosis, helping you burn off calories. As expected, this lifestyle change requires some extreme dietary modifications. Luckily, nuts come to our rescue and provide a salty, crunchy treat that won't interfere with our eating plan (via Healthline). 

While nuts can keep us moving through the day, not all of them serve up the same great taste. Instagram user @costco_doesitagain discovered this fact the hard way in one of their recent posts, highlighting Costco's new keto trail mix. The post, featuring a photo of several jars of the snack, came with the caption, "#KETO dark chocolate and coconut trail mix $13.99" and has since garnered almost 2,500 likes. Despite the attention, some keto fans don't feel too passionately about the nuts, replying with comments like, "I'll have to look for it! But it's pretty high carb for keto," and "everything Keto we have tried from Costco tastes like packing peanuts." Others loved the product, chiming in with replies like, "This is so good. I was bummed out when I couldn't find it at my Costco again," and "I'm a chocoholic. Need I say more."

A mixed bag for Costco keto dieters

Even if this trail mix can't scratch your itch, Coscto delivers a wide variety of products that guarantee to make any keto fan swoon. According to Life Made Sweeter, the store doles out almost anything to keep your diet afloat, including coconut oil, almond milk, hemp hearts, and more. For anyone looking to stock up on keto-friendly goods, Costco truly provides some solid one-stop shopping. You can even grab specialty snacks, like Whisps cheese crisps and riced cauliflower for anyone looking to burn some pounds (via A Full Living).

Next time you need to bulk out your pantry with some healthy Costco goods, consider trying out their new keto trail mix and see which side of the debate you side on. With any luck, you'll find your new favorite snack that can keep your energy levels up and your weight down. Just make sure to grab a few jars, as anyone can easily burn through these snacks if they don't watch out!