Here's Why Jennifer Garner Thinks This Bagel Bread Recipe Is So Scary

Actress Jennifer Garner is known for being in a ton of entertainment hits. She's been in Juno, 13 Going on 30, and was even an action star in the long-running series Alias (via IMDb). However, fans who follow her on Instagram have also been able to see her more domestic side, with her posting photos of her farm and her cooking. She even recently posted a video of her "breakfast cookie" recipe that features ingredients like rolled oats and shredded wheat cereal. One of her famous followers, Ina Garten, was even impressed and commented, "Perfectly measured and they look DELICIOUS!!" 

Clearly, Garner has shown her fans and friends that she has a knack for cooking. So, when she decided to make a bread bagel recipe that calls for you to drop a whole loaf of bread into boiling water, we were very curious to see how it would go. She warned at the start of the video that the process was "really scary."

How to make bagel bread and why you drop it in boiling water

After seeing Garner attempt to make the bagel bread, others became curious about the recipe and wanted to try it out too. According to The Kitchn, you mix the ingredients together and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Then you divide the dough in half and let it rise for an hour. Here's the interesting part, while you preheat your oven, this is where the boiling water comes in. You drop the whole loaf into a pot of boiling water before putting it in the oven because this helps to give it a "thick, chewy crust with a subtle, bagel-like flavor."

Mel's Kitchen Cafe is also a huge fan of this type of bread and said her family devours it anytime she makes it. She explained that her favorite is a cheesy version that features Parmesan or Asiago sprinkled in. So, how did Garner's attempt at making the scary bagel bread go? The down-to-earth star said at the end of the video, while taking a bite of the bread that she's "not a pretty baker, but it's good!"