Here's How TikTok's Viral Perfect Cookie Hack Works

At this point, TikTok is admittedly the end-all-be-all of solving ridiculous, mundane problems (that aren't really problems, but are really annoying). And if you've ever spent hours making the perfect chocolate chip cookie dough, only for your cookies to spread and look more like something out of a school cafeteria than off of an Insomnia Cookies menu, then you don't ever need to sweat over another batch, because TikTok has yet another game-changing hack to share.

Sometimes wonky, misshapen cookies are quirky and full of heart, but if you're baking for a specific event or occasion, a uniform batch of cookies is key for presentation. Plus, they just don't dunk the same in a tall glass of milk — but that may just be personal preference.

TikTok user @CloudyKitchen first debuted this trick on the platform in July 2020, but it didn't fully gain steam until another user, @CakeMoss, tried it out for herself. Normally, bakers will tell you to wait until your sweets are cooled before icing, cutting, or attempting to fix any mistakes. But in this case, you're going to want to move fast straight out of the oven — and trust us, the end result will have you impressing people before they even take a bite.

Save your cookies straight out of the oven with a little shimmy

It's what @CloudyKitchen proudly calls the "cookie scoot," and it's here to save the day. First, grab a round cookie cutter slightly larger than the cookie itself. Once you pull the sheet out of the oven, don't waste any time before placing the cutout around each cookie and giving it a little shimmy. Since the cookies are still piping hot, the dough is still just pliable enough to form to the shape of the cookie cutter, giving your sweets that perfect rounded bakery-style edge.

Kitchn notes that while this hack is blowing up on TikTok, it's best to stick with the OG method of using an oversized biscuit or cookie cutter. Some other bakers have gotten resourceful with upside down ceramic mugs or cups, but if you decide to get innovative, be careful. If the cutout is too small, you may end up with an even more misshapen cookie than before.

One commenter on @CakeMoss's viral TikTok thanked her for sharing this well-kept cookie secret, saying that "nothing will make my [mother-in-law] more angry than me bringing perfectly rounded cookies to every occasion." If you didn't have another solid reason to give this easy TikTok hack a whirl, then now you just might — the power of a perfectly rounded cookie knows no bounds.