Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Dairy Queen Fries

Dairy Queen is a restaurant that's managed to remain immensely popular for offering convenient fast food options across the country. According to Eat This, Not That!, the brand was the first outlet to promote the soft serve ice cream that many of us have grown to love over the years. Of course, one of the most iconic items on the menu at the restaurant is a delectable dessert called the Blizzard, an ice cream that has delicious toppings like brownies and cookies.  

Additionally, Dairy Queen happens to be a rather massive brand with a solid international presence. It has outlets in over 20 countries. Impressive much? The menu is also fairly expansive and allows you to choose between options such as burgers, sandwiches, snacks, salads, beverages, and more. That said, you shouldn't opt for fries at the restaurant, and choose a different snack option instead. They're really not worth it, and this is why. 

What's wrong with Dairy Queen fries?

While Dairy Queen does a stellar job with many food items, its fries simply aren't up to the mark. Why? Lots of concerns have cropped up, including the notion that the portion sizes simply aren't being enough. Plus, Dairy Queen fries taste mediocre at best, and are nothing to write home about. A Redditor once pointed out that they paid $7 for a measly portion of fries. They wrote, "Ordered a large fries from Dairy Queen. This cost $7.00 — You get more fries with a $6 value meal." Eep.

As per Thrillist, Dairy Queen fries aren't the worst you can get and even have a buttery taste. However, there's not much to expect in terms of texture, and you'll be forced to deal with fries that are sometimes so hard that it's impossible to snack on them in peace. Maybe you're better off looking for an alternative snack option such as cheese curds or onion rings.