The Adorable Way Courtney Lapresi Reacted To Winning MasterChef

Masterchef is one of those classic cooking shows on television that fans can't get enough of. The show has given viewers many priceless memories over the years, as well as a chance to witness an incredible amount of talent on air. One of the chefs who managed to dazzle viewers was Courtney Lapresi, who was a part of the program's fifth season. She was unapologetic about being her most authentic self on the show, wearing makeup, and dressing up for the episodes without worrying about keeping up superficial appearances.

Lapresi's background was unusual too: she was a professional dancer before she joined Masterchef as a participant. However, her lack of professional experience in the kitchen didn't stop Lapresi from excelling; she managed to win the show, impressing everyone with her superior culinary skills. Winning Masterchef was of course a major moment for Lapresi, and a major milestone in her life. 

She did a secret victory dance after her win

Lapresi won Masterchef after she came up with a magnificent meal that included three spectacular dishes. According to Broadway World, she made crispy pig ear and a salad, perfectly-cooked duck breast, and a cherry meringue with chocolate and almonds for her final meal on Masterchef. This was enough to impress the judges, and Lapresi bagged the top honors, beating her competitor, New-York based advertising professional Elizabeth Cauvel.

While Lapresi is no longer in the culinary industry and is pursuing other passions, she still really cherishes her time on Masterchef. Here's proof: she recently posted an Instagram video of her doing an adorable victory dance after her big win. She wrote, "Throwback to June 2014 after I had won @masterchefonfox, but couldn't tell anyone, so I did this happy dance." How adorable is that? And yes, Lapresi's fans are here for it.