This Is The Worst Skittles Flavor According To 27% Of People

Advertisements for Skittles tell you to "Taste the Rainbow," but apparently, fans of the fruity bite don't necessarily enjoy the entire rainbow. Mashed administrated a survey of 504 people in the U.S. to discover which Skittles flavor is the least adored, and the results also told us which flavors keep everyone coming back for more. The survey list featured a candy rainbow consisting of five colors: grape, orange, lemon, lime, and strawberry.

It's worth acknowledging that there have been debates over the various flavors of Skittles for ages, as some people claim they all taste the same. Today came to the conclusion that each color of the tasty treat does, in fact, have a different flavor. They just subtly differ. Both the chewy center and the outside candy shell have their own unique taste depending on the hue of the candy, confirmed a Skittles spokesperson. The debate lives on, but regardless of the level of flavor in each bite, the people have spoken.

This Skittles flavor is often left in the bag

As it turns out, the votes were hardly close when it came to the least disliked Skittles. The favorite flavor is strawberry, and orange is a close runner-up. Only 10.91 percent of respondents had supremely negative feelings for strawberry, and 13.49 percent would reach for an orange Skittle last among the options. As for the least favorite flavor, this survey found that lime Skittles are the most negatively viewed of the bunch, with 27.38 percent picking it as the worst flavor. As for the other less-popular Skittles flavors, grape is not a fan favorite, with 20.83 percent of the respondents voting it the least tasty. Lemon lands in the middle of the pack, as only 18.25 percent of survey respondents found it to be the most inferior flavor.

While a handful of the survey respondents surprisingly weren't big fans of the candy, the majority had a strong opinion. When asked what the worst flavor of Skittles was, 9.13 percent of respondents chose "other" and gave answers such as "All. I dislike Skittles" or "Don't like any of these." Alternatively, some respondents love Skittles so much they couldn't even decide, answering with "I just happened to love all the ones I've tasted" or "They are all amazing." It can be tough to find someone who doesn't like to toss back a handful of Skittles, but there's a good chance the green candies will be left behind.