McDonald's Had A Hilarious Response To Fan Demanding It Bring Back The Snack Wrap

McDonald's fans who miss snack wraps are an incredibly vocal group on Twitter, and by now, that's something the chain knows well (via Twitter). 

On March 26, McDonald's tweeted a meme in response to the hordes of people on Twitter demanding the return of its snack wraps (via Twitter). The meme shows a massive boat that extends out of the frame and, right beside it, a tiny digger trying to help it out. Hilariously, the digger has the label "an innocent tweet about mcnuggets" while the giant boat is labeled "3.7M people demanding that I bring back snack wraps."

McDonald's was making a not-so-subtle reference to the plight of the Ever Given container ship, which, as the BBC reports, was recently freed from its lodged position in the Suez Canal after nearly a week of being stuck. Presumably, McDonald's was commenting on the futility of its previous post about McNuggets — which appears to have been deleted — in light of the constant tweets from snack wrap enthusiasts. After all, the chain frequently gets requests: "Goodness can we please just get the snack wrap back!!!" to "bring them back coward" (via Twitter). It's an attempt to transform a multinational corporation into something "relatable."

This isn't McDonald's first time weighing in on the snack wraps. Every now and then, McDonald's occasionally pops in to assure devotees of its snack wraps that, while it understands that people miss the product, the chain is still working on "if and when" it will return (via Twitter). 

McDonald's probably won't bring back the snack wrap

Like Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, McDonald's removed the cult-favorite snack wraps from menus in the name of streamlining. When Delish first reported on the furor over the disappearing snack wraps in 2016, they cited the issue suggested by McDonald's, that millennials, the audience whom McDonald's had in mind when they designed the snack wrap, did not buy them in large enough quantities.

However, Investopedia provides a second, and probably likelier explanation for the wrap's disappearance. The snack wraps took too long to assemble for a company that had established the fast food formula. "According to reports," they write, "steaming tortillas for premium wraps took 20 seconds. Subsequent actions, such as chopping ingredients, stuffing them, and rolling the final wrap, added more time and complexity to the process." The piece then compares this to the 10 seconds needed to assemble a burger.

With that issue in mind, it seems unlikely that McDonald's will cave to the pressure and prepare snack wraps once more. Or, at least, not until the pressure is greater than 4,862 signatures on a petition on At least for now, snack wraps are still available at McDonald's locations in the UK (via McDonald's.)