People Are Divided On This Colorful Pasta At Costco

Farfalle pasta has come a long way over the years. According to Barilla, the pasta style, meaning "butterfly" in Italian, originated in Northern Italy as far back as the 1500s. Over the years, this pasta traveled the world and became a fan favorite, partially due to the fact that the style served as a design that pasta creators could form from unused pieces of dough, reducing any food waste (via Chef's Mandala). The design has held onto its popularity, and after several centuries, we can now find this unique noodle at Costco.

Instagrammer @costcodeals posted a picture of a box of Torino's multicolored farfalle pasta, alongside the caption: "How fun is this @torinofoods organic multicolor farfalla pasta! $5.99 for this 26.4 oz box of pasta. Found at the Issaquah, WA warehouse," (via Instagram). While it appears that followers loved the post, things prove much more complicated. The image has so far garnered over 4,500 likes, but users remain split over this new Italian good.

A pasta that splits Costco fans

Some followers absolutely love the new product, showering the post with glowing praise like "omg look at this," and "Look for Farfalle with mushrooms and goat cheese recipe. So delicious!" Others don't feel as positive when it comes to Torino's new colorful pasta, claiming "This does not taste good," and "$6 for 750 grams of pasta is a crime. Shame on you." The farfalle pasta, which proudly advertises its Italian origin, comes with attractive pink, green, orange, and yellow stripes, perfect for anyone looking to add some color to a traditional pasta dish. According to the packaging, the colors are made with red bell pepper, tomato, spinach, red beet, and curcuma.

Taking a trip out to your local Costco and picking up a box of this new pasta can give you the best way to get to the bottom of the debate. If the idea of sprucing up your next Italian dish with the colors of the rainbow sounds good to you, this might be worth a try.