The Truth About Brittanny Anderson From Top Chef Season 18

There are sure to be some nuances in the newest season of Top Chef. For one, Season 18 is taking place in Portland, Oregon this time around, and appropriately, Portlandia's comedic stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are even going to be part of the entertainment (via Food & Wine). (No word yet if the contestants will be cooking Portland Organic chicken, like in one of the outlandish sketches you can watch on Youtube). One thing that isn't going to change? There's going to be some fierce, fun-to-watch competition.

One of the contestants, Brittanny Anderson, should be very comfortable with multi-tasking. According to Bravo, Anderson is the chef and co-owner of four different businesses, including a café in Washington, D.C., and three restaurants in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. As if that weren't enough, she's even branched out with a cheesy venture called Cave Culture that offers curated cheese collections and virtual fromage-themed classes. Anderson has had an impressive career crafting her culinary resume, and some of it has even been televised.

Brittanny Anderson has had plenty of opportunity to sharpen her skillset

Like many who yearn for a career on the line, Anderson attended the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City, according to Bravo. From there she interned at Blue Hill at Stone Barn, a high-end restaurant in Westchester County (via Blue Hill Farm). Ultimately, she returned to Richmond and started making the sausage, literally, at a local processing plant where she realized there wasn't a lot of German food in the area (via Foodable TV). The rest is history. Anderson went on to open her first restaurant, Metzger, where she put a modern twist on German fare, with dishes like Hassenpfeffer (fried rabbit leg, peppercorn riesling cream, and celery), and Chicken Schnitzel served with grilled chicories, speck vinaigrette, and white cheddar (via the Metzger website).

Anderson has also been on TV before. In 2011, she appeared on Food Network's Chopped (via Richmond Times-Dispatch), and in 2018, she returned to the small screen, going up against Alex Guarnaschelli on Food Network's Iron Chef America. Afterward, she told Richmond Times-Dispatch that she was done with television competitions for the time being. Perhaps she really wanted to pick up a Keep Portland Weird bumper sticker or maybe it was the chance of bringing home $250,000 that called her back to the limelight. Either way, we're glad she had a change of heart, and we're looking forward to seeing her compete again.

Top Chef Season 18 is set to premiere on April 1.