Trader Joe's Has Great News For Vegan Fans Of Its Bolognese-Style Sauce

Bolognese sauce has a long and storied history. This meat-based pasta sauce traces its origins back to Bologna, Italy and first appeared in a cookbook published in 1891 (via Grapes and Grains). The recipe helped unite Italy through food and has maintained its popularity over the centuries. When you need to whip up a quick midweek meal, Trader Joe's always comes to the rescue and their latest Bolognese-style sauce can please anyone looking to take home a taste of Italy and enjoy the rich history of this dish.

Instagrammer @thesnacksoflife discovered Trader Joe's latest vegan Bolognese-style sauce, featuring meatless plant-based crumbles and tomatoes wrapped up in every jar. This new sauce proves especially enticing for anyone who loves the rich taste of bolognese, but wants to go meat free. The post of the new product has already attracted a ton of attention, raking in over 650 likes and a variety of glowing comments, like, "Need that pasta sauce," and "Whoever works for Trader Joe's and keeps thinking of all these vegan products is AN ANGEL."

The perfect Trader Joe's plant-centric pasta sauce

If you count yourself a fan of Trader Joe's traditional Bolognese sauce, you definitely want to get your hands on a jar of this new pasta topping. Fans of the original sauce fell in love with it thanks to the natural ingredients found in every bottle (via @traderjoeslist). While we still need to let the latest plant-based sauce sink into our daily meal prep routine, we can feel confident knowing that Trader Joe's offers up a great tasting alternative Bolognese to the meat-centric original. 

For the best results, make sure to grab a jar of this new meatless pasta sauce on your next grocery run. You won't want to miss the hype surrounding this latest product and taste how a plant-based take on this century-old recipe stands up against the original. Keep an eye out for this product next time you need to plan your meals for the week and experience this classic dish for yourself.