Read This If You Recently Bought Classic Sabra Hummus

If you're a fan of Sabra's Classic Hummus and have a stash in your fridge, now might be the time to take a good look the hummus, particularly if it is a 10-ounce tub with a "Best Before" date of April 26. The FDA says that the tubs, which were manufactured on February 10 of this year and have a UPC number of 300067, might have been contaminated with salmonella — which was only discovered after a routine screening. Sabra sent the hummus off to be sold in 16 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. 

There's no need to worry — Sabra and the FDA have both said that the recall is voluntary, it does not affect any other product line, and no one has to called to complain of getting sick because they ate it. But if you do find one of the contaminated tubs in your fridge, you're being asked to take the product back to where you bought it for a refund or go to to get your money back.

Salmonella is linked to the consumption of raw or undercooked meat, poultry, or eggs

Those of us who eat food which has been contaminated with salmonella bacteria might experience no symptoms at all. But we could also get diarrhea, fever, and tummy cramps between eight and 72 hours after the food is consumed, with most recovering without the need for any treatment. The Mayo Clinic says salmonella infections usually happen after raw or undercooked meat, poultry, or eggs are consumed. 

One of the worst salmonella outbreaks to occur in America, which was linked back to poultry grown in the backyard, happened just last year, in 2020. The CDC said it had investigated 17 multistate outbreaks of salmonella totaling 1,722 cases. As a result of the outbreak, the CDC issued a list of recommendations, including ways to handle poultry: Don't touch fowl and then proceed to touch your face or mouth, collect eggs often, and don't let children younger than five play with poultry.