Fans Of Taco Bell's Baja Blast Need To Watch This TikTok

Baja Blast is the hugely popular Mountain Dew flavor that's strongly associated with Taco Bell. Sold in both liquid and icee forms, Taco Bell describes drinking this beverage "like drinking a hurricane," saying the flavor is intensely tropical and full of energy. What Mountain Dew fans also know is that this flavored soda can be very hard to find outside of Taco Bell, and that fountain drinks aren't especially portable and don't have a great shelf life. Thats why one TikTokker attempted to find the magic recipe to create his own DIY Baja Blast.

TikTok user Ricky Reilly announces boldly in his video, "I was told the other day that the Mountain Dew that you can only get from Taco Bell, the Baja Blast, is actually nothing more than regular-ass Mountain Dew and blue Powerade." Then he proclaims, "let's put this sh*t to the test." Reilly proceeds to pour blue Powerade into a clear cup of Mountain Dew until he gets a color match to that of Baja Blast.

Side note to readers, Baja Blast is available outside of Taco Bell, but the distribution is limited. You can check your area using this online locater from PepsiCo.

Secret recipe or simply a tasty trick?

So did Reilly really discover the secret recipe for Baja Blast? As far as taste goes, he says, "I'm no Dewologist, but I think we might have cracked the code here." As we at Mashed can attest, blue Powerade mixed with Mountain Dew is definitely pretty tasty, but is it Baja Blast? The beverage manufacturers themselves aren't exactly forthcoming, but we did find out that Baja Blast is further described as having a "tropical lime" flavor (via Pepsi). Blue Powerade is described as Mountain Berry (via Powerade), so we don't expect this is truly the secret mix. Tropical flavors are more often described as island fruits like pineapple, guava, and mango.

Another TikTok user points out that this collaboration is unlikely, "since Powerade is a coke product and [Mountain] Dew is Pepsi the answer is no." Secret formula? Probably not, but a tasty treat worth trying? Absolutely. 

If you like Reilly's exploratory style, he's a songwriter and musician known on TikTok for trying his own DIY fixes for many different things, including a homemade Code Red version for Mountain Dew fans. We figure even if it's not the trade secret, it's still probably tasty fun.