Why April Might Be The Best Time To Try Arby's New Fries

As spring rolls in, our favorite restaurant chains have begun to switch up their seasonal menus and roll out brand new products we can't wait to try. If you count yourself as a fan of Arby's fries, you have found yourself in a good place. Their regular curly fries rank as one of the best fast food sides out there, and with a bit of time their latest fry offering might just find a special place in your heart, too (via Thrillist). 

According to Penn Live, Arby's has unveiled their new, crinkle-cut french fries and plan to sell them for $1 per order over the whole month of April. If you fear that the chain may cut their signature curly fries, don't worry — Arby's doesn't plan to get rid of that fan favorite anytime soon. So far, people love the new fry design. According to The Takeout, the wavy cut of the new fries holds salt and oil better, and if you fall in love with the taste, don't worry about Arby's ditching this design. The chain intends to keep this item around on a permanent basis, even if the price may one day change.

The perfect Arby fries on a budget

Arby's decision to embrace a new kind of fry does have analysts spooked, despite the brand's promise that our beloved curly fries won't go away. According to Eat This, Not That!, some fear that this new crinkle-cut variety might end up completely displacing the curly fry favorite if it gets too much attention. Others believe that McDonald's or Wendy's might rise to the occasion and start offering up curly fries if Arby ever cuts them (via Timeout). Regardless, critics so far love the taste of this new fry, and for $1, you just can't go wrong with the deal.

If the price tag and new texture have you intrigued, make your way down to Arby's today to give this side a shot. With any luck, it has the potential to immediately win you over and earn its place among Arby's other permanent menu items. Only time can tell if the crinkle-cut fry can dethrone the curly fry, but with any luck, we can have the option to choose between both styles for years to come.