Coffee Fans Will Love This Alton Brown Announcement

If you're a fan of coffee and celebrity chef Alton Brown, then you'll love the new coffee that he just announced on Twitter. "Coffee lovers: allow me to introduce the Multitasker a special blend meant to be brewed any darned way you want. I'm really proud of it and grateful to the folks at BatdorfCoffee for making it a reality," wrote the chef and author (via Twitter).

The coffee, which features a cartoon Brown — complete with signature eyeglasses — coming out of a coffee mug, is made by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters.

The coffee roastery was purchased by Larry and Cherie Challain (via Batdorf & Bronson). The duo had opened Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Olympia in 1988, then decided to purchase Batdorf & Bronson to take on roasting. They expanded their roastery to Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. Today, Batdorf & Bronson roast a variety of coffees including both blends and single origin coffees sourced from farms in Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and other coffee-growing countries. 

What Alton Brown's Multitasker tastes like

Alton Brown's special Multitasker is a blend of 60 percent Nicaraguan, 25 percent Costa Rica, and 15 percent Sumatra coffee beans. On his site, the chef says the tasting notes of the Multitasker are "toffee, black cherries, toasted sesame seeds, and just a dash of old library book ... in a good way" (via Alton Brown).

Though the coffee beans are arabica beans, Brown states that the flavors come from the "differences in terroir, that is where and how they're grown, harvested, and processed means each brings distinct characteristics to the cup."

The coffee, Brown explains, is called the Multitasker because it's designed to taste rich and flavorful no matter what brew method you use. The coffee can be brewed using a French press, a pour-over method, an electric drip machine, or a moka pot. 

The Multitasker costs $16.50 for a 12-ounce bag of coffee. Customers can choose to purchase whole beans or can get their coffee ground to order.