Are Green Bananas Safe To Eat?

We've all been there — hovering over the fruit basket debating whether or not we should grab that unripe green banana or allow it to ripen and get its beautiful yellow coating. Whether you're on the go and usually resort to reaching for a banana before jetting out the door or it's simply your favorite go-to snack, it's a healthy and popular choice for a reason. According to Healthline, bananas are high in fiber, important antioxidants, and can even help to moderate blood sugar levels that can help to keep us fuller longer.

But what do you do if those bananas you purchased a few days ago are still a bit green? We've all heard rumors about how terrible it is to eat green bananas and the potential damage they can cause. While those are simply just tall tales, there is a surprising drawback to eating this delicious fruit when it's still green. 

What's the harm in eating green bananas?

For those who've yet to eat a green banana and have enough patience to let them ripen, let's just say it's not the usual sweet taste you're accustomed to. Instead, you might end up with a bitter taste when eating this hard fruit (via Health Digest). So what's the big deal with green bananas other than a strange flavor? Not much. In fact, green bananas are known to have less sugar, making them an ideal snack for people with Type 2 diabetes thanks to their low glycemic index. 

They are also high in resistant starch that can double as soluble fiber, which helps keep you energized throughout your day (via Spoon University). Though they can cause some digestive distress that can lead to bloating or gas, keep in mind this varies for everyone. So, next time you're reaching for a green banana rest assured you're actually doing your body a favor.