The Truth About Sasha Grumman From Top Chef Season 18

The latest season of Top Chef is set to make its debut with a roster of talented participants from different parts of the country. As reported by Variety, this season was shot in Portland, Oregon, during the pandemic last year. The show was filmed with special considerations for safety measures, like social distancing, and certain tweaks were incorporated, such as getting groceries delivered for the challenges on the show. According to Oregon Live, this season also makes it a point to keep challenging their participants with events like the Portland Expo Center, where they're expected to cook a range of impressive dishes under pressure.

One of the talented chefs who is set to be a part of the impressive line-up is Sasha Grumman, from Houston, Texas. She comes armed with a variety of experiences. Additionally, she's highly passionate about what she does. She recently posted a photo on her Instagram profile of cookies she'd made, and wrote that she's found herself evolving as a chef. She enjoys being more thoughtful now about the cooking process, as opposed to when she was younger. 

Grumman has a solid background

As per Food & Wine, Grumman grew up in a big Sicilian household where food was celebrated whenever the family got together. Apart from that, the dynamic chef decided to follow her passion for food by enrolling at the French Culinary Institute in New York, and also spent some time at Alma culinary institute in Parma, Italy. She managed to achieve top honors in her class for her hard work, and then created dishes at Delfina Restaurant in San Francisco before exploring several other gigs in Los Angeles, Austin and Houston.

During the pandemic, Grumman decided to focus on a focaccia business called Sasha's Focaccia. Additionally, the chef is extremely thankful for her time on Top Chef. She wrote on Instagram that she has immense gratitude for the new friends she found while filming the show. She wrote, "We shared such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A bond that will keep us connected forever."

The new season of Top Chef starts streaming April 1 on Bravo.