The Real Reason Your Eggs Taste Fishy

Mega fans of Gilmore Girls will likely remember Kirk complaining about his eggs being fishy at Luke's Diner, during an episode of the hit show (via Crazy Internet People). While it was claimed his eggs were not cooked in the fish pan, only to later be told they were, there's another likely reason the eggs smelled fishy. As it turns out, it's actually pretty common for eggs to smell fishy, but only if they are labeled as omega-3 eggs. It's usually stamped both on the carton and often times the shell of the eggs too. 

According to The Art of Doing Stuff, it all comes down to a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids that are found in these particular types of eggs. You might already be aware that fish is chock full of omega-3's, which is actually what gives fish their distinct smell. So if your eggs smell fishy, it's actually the high amount of fatty acids that your nose has sniffed out. Though they don't smell great in foods like eggs, omega-3's are exceptionally healthy and good for you.

This is how you can fix the fishy smell

Eggs that are high in omega-3's are this way because of what the hen that laid the eggs ate. Foods like flaxseed, beans, squash, and even leafy greens are high in these healthy fatty acids. So, if these foods were a large part of the diet the hen was fed, it will be transferred to the eggs the hen lays. That's why if you have your own chickens and get freshly laid eggs from your hens, you might have to reconsider what you feed them to eliminate some of the omega-3's that cause the eggs to smell like fish (via Star Milling).

If you buy your eggs from the grocery store, you can simply pay more attention to which carton you pick up the next time you shop. Look for a carton that doesn't say omega-3 on it. Otherwise, there isn't anyway to stop the eggs you currently have from smelling fishy. The only other option worth attempting might be to use them in baked goods with strong aromatics that could mask the scent.