How Rich Is The Domino's CEO And What's The Average Pay Of Its Employees?

Whether you've been ordering out every Friday since you were a kid or frequented the location nearest your dorm room in college, Domino's Pizza has found a place in the homes and hearts of many. While the pizza chain has seen strong competition in rival companies such as Pizza Hut and Papa John's, that hasn't stopped Domino's from being in high demand amongst pizza lovers. And, just as it has done with the hearts of customers, Domino's found a place on the Forbes 2017 list for one of the most "Innovative Growth Companies." With all of the praise it has received through time, however, some might wonder if the success that Domino's sees as a whole descends down to the way it treats and pays its employees.

According to Indeed, cashiers and customer service associates can make an average hourly wage between $10.17 and $11.78, while the site lists pizza cooks and chefs within the $10 range. Delivery drivers make much more with their estimated hourly wage being anywhere between $14.52 and $15.01 an hour. Unfortunately for those who would rather take on a managerial role, however, pay is significantly less with assistant managers and general managers making $12.47 and $13.75 an hour, respectively. Though there are many other positions that can be hired for, perhaps the one raking in the most is that of district manager — which has a yearly salary of $77,411. And while the almost-six figure yearly payout for the aforementioned position is a comfortable number for some, it is nothing in comparison to what the brand's CEO Richard E. Allison Jr. is worth.

Richard E. Allison Jr.'s yearly salary is in the millions

Allison, who Forbes notes as stepping into the position in late 2018 after Patrick Doyle retired, has a net worth that would make anyone find excitement in their work day. According to the stock market insight website Wallmine, as of October 2020, Allison has an estimated net worth of at least $24.9 million. And while you may assume that a bulk of that amount is from the salary he makes as the CEO of Domino's, you'd be surprised to know that it's actually not.

Although Wallmine reports that Allison is the highest paid executive at the company, his salary is only a little over $5 million per year. So, where does the remainder of his estimated net worth come from, you ask? Stocks, of course! Owning over $16 million in Domino's Pizza Inc. stock and selling a little over $3 million in DPZ stock since 2015, it seems as if he is one CEO that knows how to make his money work best for him. And with a projected "$25 billion in annual sales globally by 2025" and a plan to have "2,000 new U.S. stores within that time frame" (via Forbes), one can only expect that both his salary and net worth will see a significant increase in the next few years. Hopefully though, the annual growth for the company will see a raise in wages for employees on the lower level, too.