Here's How To Stop Eggs From Sticking To Your Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are great for any number of reasons, but especially for breakfast items like fried eggs. However, if not cooked properly, you run the risk of the eggs you're craving sticking to the pan. Nothing ruins a highly-anticipated meal more than half your food not making it to the plate, and being left with a bigger mess. So, how do you avoid this sticky situation? It's not as difficult as you may think.

First, it's extremely important to preheat your pan, according to Food Crumbles. Raise your hand over the pan (not too close!). Feel the warmth. Once it's hot enough, spray or scoop fat into the skillet, making sure the pan is evenly coated. This will help the eggs not stick once cracked and dropped into the pan. Include your eggs and don't touch them until you're ready to eat — seriously. Food Crumbles explains that every time you touch or wiggle them with a spatula you "increase the chance for bits and pieces to still get stuck."

When the eggs are done, turn off the heat and remove the skillet from the grill or stovetop. As the fried eggs cool, they will shrink or contract, which can make the eggs easier to pick up. In the meantime, arrange your cutlery and pour a cup of coffee or juice. The heat from the pan will keep the eggs warm, but there won't be any pressure from a flame for the eggs to stick.

Why do fried eggs keep sticking to the pan?

There could be a number of reasons as to why eggs keep getting stuck to your cast iron skillet pan. Mighty Nest lists the three most common reasons why your eggs may be getting stuck: Your cast iron skillet isn't seasoned enough, there's not enough fat, or you have the pan over the wrong heat temperature.

During the preheat stage, the pan should be over medium-high heat. Mighty Nest warns that if you notice the pan starts smoking or the oil bubbling, then the pan is way too hot for the eggs and they'll begin sticking immediately. Likewise, The Kitchn explains that because cast irons hold heat so well, it's best to turn the heat down to low once the eggs are added.

At the end of the day, remember that preheating and temperature are key, and when in doubt, allow the skillet to cool almost completely before attempting to remove the fried eggs.