Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños

It's hard not to love jalapeño poppers. This unique dish originated in Texas around 1972, and many believe this appetizer stakes its origins as a chef's take on the Mexican chile relleno (via Pitco). These cheese-filled peppers had the power to win over anyone who tasted them and immediately took the US by storm. Decades later, we continue to see hot takes on this iconic finger food and now we can finally bring home the latest improvement on jalapeño poppers thanks to Costco. 

Instagrammer @costcobuys uncovered Costco's latest gift to the world: bacon wrapped and cheese stuffed jalapeños. With 20 individual jalapeños per box, anyone who wants to get their snack on can't help but get excited. The post shows off the goods and comes with the caption "Bacon wrapped & cheese stuffed jalapeños? YES PLEASE! This 20-count box is only $9.99 and looks delicious!" Followers have immediately taken to the post, leaving over 3,000 likes and a ton of comments like "I usually make mine homemade but these would be good to have on hand," and "They are good! You need to cook them longer than it says though, the bacon takes a while to crisp up!"

Finger food with a kick

If you still feel torn about whether or not you need these new bacon-wrapped jalapeños in your life, just wait until you hear the reviews. According to Taste of Home, each box of these treats definitely warrant the price. These snacks qualify as keto friendly and cook up incredibly well in the oven, deep fryer, and even air fryer. For a taste you can't help but love, make sure to get your hands on one of these boxes during your next Costco run.

Like so many other Costco goods, make sure to show your love to this product by grabbing a few packages when the craving strikes. The store seems to remove our favorite products right when we get comfortable with them in our lives, so stock up to avoid any unnecessary heartbreak. Don't forget this delicious product that can make any occasion a party on your next grocery run and prepare to fall in love with the next evolution of jalapeño poppers.