Here's What J. Kenji López-Alt Thinks About Waffles+Mochi

If you're among the many fans that have been geeking out over how wonderful the new Netflix show Waffles + Mochi is, you are far from alone. According to Vogue the series received a "record-high" with audiences in the U.K. and was trending in the "Popular on Netflix" category. After the show premiered, there were also a ton of fans that left positive comments on an Instagram post that Michelle Obama shared about the series. One person wrote, "my grandson loves it!!!" Others wrote, "my kids love this show," and "LOVE Waffles and Mochi at our house." 

Then there's also all of the celebrity chefs that are featured on the show, who are also crazy about it. However, those who were a part of the series are not the only ones talking about it these days. There are plenty of other renowned chefs that are loving the positive and inclusive show, as well. One such chef is J. Kenji López-Alt, who wrote the award-winning cookbook The Food Lab.

Why J. Kenji López-Alt loves Waffles + Mochi

Just two days after Waffles + Mochi premiered, López-Alt posted a photo from the series to his social media account. The caption read, "love love love the themes and humor in @wafflesandmochiofficial, and so cool to see @ciaosamin in the first episode. My daughter is addicted. Had to tear her away." Honestly, pretty much everyone who has watched the show so far, is probably very familiar with all of these feelings.

Other fans began commenting on his post saying, "so good. And it is dubbed in so many languages! We are a monolingual Span home and I was thrilled we could watch!" Another person wrote, "my kids are addicted to this show and the pizza recipe in Every Night is Pizza Night [López-Alt's kids' book]. Can't blame them." Even someone without kids said, "I have no children and I am totally addicted! SO GOOD!!!" So, if you haven't given Waffles + Mochi a watch yet, take a piece of advice from López-Alt and add it to your queue.