DiGiorno Has Good News For Gluten Free Fans

When it comes to finding the perfect gluten free pizza, we have our work cut out for us. According to Food Network, heavy hitters like Amy's or Freschetta have come to dominate the market and our taste buds thanks to their iconic takes on classic pizzas, all while forgoing any form of gluten. This growing dietary niche proves incredibly profitable. According to Grand View Research, the business prospects of gluten free pizzas should steadily rise over the next several years, making it a great market to see new products come out of. 

DiGiorno has potentially bucked the trend with their latest pizza offering that ditches gluten, all while serving up the classic flavors of Italy we have come to expect and love from the brand. According to Delish, we can expect to see gluten free pepperoni and four-cheese DiGiorno pizza hit store shelves sometime this month. This announcement comes on the heels of the brand launching their unique croissant crust pizza and cheese and ranch stuffed crust pizza last year. But if you think you can grab one of these new pies anywhere, you might have to wait just a bit longer.

The pinnacle of gluten free pizza

If you can't wait to get your hands on one of DiGiorno's latest creations, just make sure you have a Target somewhere in your travel radius. According to Delish, the pizzas exclusively launch at Target, but if you don't live by one of the participating locations, fear not! DiGiorno also plans to release the new frozen pizzas at more national retailers in the coming days. If you get lucky and find yourself living close enough to a Target that sells the new pizzas, you can plan to pick one up for $9.99 while supplies last. 

With the wave of gluten free pizzas rapidly approaching, we can brace for a barrage of new, exciting flavors. If pepperoni and four-cheese pizza can't get you hyped, Walmart has begun advertising a DiGiorno gluten free sausage supreme pizza that has yet to hit shelves (via Walmart). If this mysterious item holds any promise, we can only expect to see more gluten free topping combos come out of this trend. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the frozen food aisle and get ready for some pizzas that can get you excited again!