Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels

If you're trying to cut down on snacks, sorry to do this to you, but Instagram handle @costcodeals found the perfect spring treat at their local Costco recently: 24 ounces worth of strawberry yogurt pretzels from Creative Snack Co. (via Instagram). And while @costcodeals honed in on its strawberry yogurt pretzels, if you're lucky you might find its blueberry, peanut butter, chocolate toffee, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate pretzel varieties, too (via Creative Snack Co).

Costco shoppers who've caught wind of the offering are already planning their trip back to the supermarket chain and for good reason. "It's so hard to make use of the resealable bag," one satisfied customer wrote. "The strawberry pretzels are absolutely delicious, you want to keep eating them!" (via Facebook). On their Youtube channel, another pair of impressed strawberry yogurt pretzel eaters called the snack "delicious" and "wonderful," ooohing over the pretzels' saltiness and swearing that the strawberry flavor was "very, very, natural."

A snack with a story

Want to know why Creative Snacks Co.'s Strawberry and Yogurt Pretzels are so irresistible? A big part of it is the company's team. Mars bought Creative Snacks Co. in 2020, by which time the company employed over 200 people, as per Charlotte Business Journal. But before that, the company was a much smaller, much more unique operation.

The company which bakes its pretzels in High Point, North Carolina, is inspired by a truly international team: its employees herald from 11 different countries (via Creative Snack Co.) In 2011, News & Record profiled Creative Snacks' founder Marius Andersen, a Norwegian immigrant who employed 20 people, 65 percent of whom were refugees. "To me, it's hiring the best people," Andersen told the newspaper. "We'll hire Americans. It just happens to be that we've hired refugees. We wanted to give these people who normally would have a very hard time finding a job — we wanted to give them an opportunity." Many of the recipes for the company's mouthwatering snacks are the fruits of Marius Andersen's home kitchen, where he and his wife experimented with locally sourced ingredients. So, that strawberry yogurt coating customers rave about? It truly is natural. 

"There is no one that can make the things we make and taste the way we make our products taste. We're the best at this" Sly Hicks, Creative Snack's operational manager told Fox in 2019. We're sure Costco's pretzel-hungry customers would agree!