What Is WineTok And Why Should You Be Following It?

Social media platform TikTok may have been around since 2019, but it didn't really take off as a foodie site until the pandemic descended, and sent us scurrying into our homes. When that happened, TikTok really came into its own and became our windows into the cooking world (via Food52). As a result, we have TikTok to thank for viral, here-today-gone-tomorrow food trends like baked feta, cloud bread, pancake cereal, and whipped coffee. But there are still areas of TikTok that are unexplored that have recently come on the scene, like the efforts of one up-and-coming influencer. 

Isis Daniel uses the social media platform as a way to demystify what might be considered a confusing — and intimidating — topic like wine appreciation to a millennial audience (via Thrillist). Daniel, who is known online as "The Millennial Somm" covers everything from the basics — like how to pair wine with food — to discussing diversity within the wine industry. Her #winetok TikToks feature, among other personas, a snobby pearls-and-fur character named Mrs. Suzanne.

WineTok demystifies the world of wine

With a following of over 115,000 and more than a million likes, Daniel is the most popular influencer you'll find posting under the hashtag #WineTok (via Thrillist). Still, there are other short videos that include quick tutorials on different types of wines and reviews of the latest beverages. Some also give wine recommendations from labels you might have never seen before, courtesy of another poster known as The Wine Guru. 

We can even credit #winetok (and its hashtag cousin, #winetiktok) for the December 2020 viral video showing us how to open a bottle without a corkscrew — although you'll need to have a sneaker and a tree handy (via Fox News). While it has its share of boozed-up users opening up on social media and revealing their deepest, darkest secrets, #winetok still manages to deliver the tips and tricks we need to navigate the often snobby, mysterious world of wine.