The Cheesecake Rule You Should Never Break, According To Duff Goldman

If there's one celebrity baker you know you can trust, it's pastry chef Duff Goldman. The Food Network icon is an inspiration in more ways than one, having hustled to get to the level he's at today, which makes him one of the more relatable culinary figures. As per the Food Network, Goldman worked really hard to climb the ladder and even worked at McDonald's in the past. When he got the chance, he studied at the Culinary Institute of America and dove into the world of baking for different types of events, noting, "I think serendipity did the job in the end, but the beginning of my culinary career simply involved working my a** off in a variety of jobs."

Considering the fact that Duff Goldman is now an expert when it comes to desserts, it may be worthwhile to follow some of his baking hacks, which are super useful. For example, one of his unique tricks is thinking about the decorations first and making sure all the toppings are ready before he even warms up the oven. This way he can ensure that the baked good is not just pretty to look at but is also as delicious and fresh as it can be. And he also some great tips when it comes to cheesecake.

Duff Goldman's cheesecake advice is pretty sweet

Duff Goldman also doesn't hesitate to help out fans when they come to him with doubts on their own baking process. For example, one follower recently asked the chef on Twitter whether it would make sense to prepare cheesecake batter several days before baking it. Goldman responded, "I wouldn't. The sugar will denature the protein in the eggs and will probably cause issues with the texture." Solid advice!

He added that it might be possible to pull this trick off but it wouldn't even be worth the risk considering the fact that making cheesecake batter is a super quick process. Another Twitter user offered an alternative solution that Goldman seemed to agree with, which was noting that cheesecakes are easy to freeze. They said, "Why not just bake the cake and freeze until you need it? They freeze beautifully."

Here's yet another useful cheesecake tip from Goldman. As per Insider, Goldman thinks that it's important to pay close attention to your baking method and consider little things such as the ratio of the basic ingredients if you really want to nail your recipe.