Fans Of Costco's Tuxedo Cake Won't Want To Miss This Deal

For Costco aficionados and loyal followers, it doesn't get any better than the Costco bakery — a place filled with everything from fresh bagels to delicious cake. For those who have yet to become a member of this one-stop shop, today just might be the day you're convinced otherwise, all thanks to this amazing deal. According to the @costcobuys Instagram account, Costco has listed its delectable, crowd-pleasing tuxedo cake filled with chocolate mousse on sale for just $13.99 — a $2 saving off the original price — until April 11. 

If you've been eyeing this Costco classic, now is the time to go, as we're sure the Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake will surely sell out in a flash. After all, who can resist a deal that involves chocolate, savings, and a cake that has made the best Costco desserts list? What makes this cake so sought-after? Allow us the pleasure of reminding you as to why it's the best dessert you can take home.

The dessert that has shoppers flocking to Costco

In order to describe this tasty cake, filled with creamy, chocolatey delight that'll have you asking for seconds, we must start from the bottom. Per Taste of Home, Costco's Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake features a bottom layer full of rich chocolate cake, with creamy chocolate mousse and chewy brownie pieces just above that. In a cake full of layers and bliss, you'll also find another creamy mousse layer with a slight twist, as this layer is filled with white chocolate and vanilla mousse. And that's just the inside of this triumphant cake. On top, you'll see the Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake is coated with a smooth dark chocolate ganache, complete with spiraled chocolate decorations adding the perfect elegant touch.

You can have your cake and eat it, too, especially if you decide to ignore the nutrition label, for which we wouldn't blame you! This Costco crowd favorite contains 370 calories in one 3.5-ounce slice, plus 23 grams of fat, 37 grams of carbs, and 24 grams of sugar, according to a helpful Reddit user. We think it's a small price to pay. After all, it's not every day you have a slice of heaven for dessert.