How Rich Is The Burger King CEO And What's The Average Pay Of Its Employees?

If there's one thing you can look forward to when heading to Burger King, it's getting good food for a low price. Living by the motto that "Great Food Comes First," the restaurant — which opened up its first set of doors in 1954 — has grown to become "the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world" (per Burger King). Although the chain has clearly crafted a valid path to hamburger excellence that has landed it on multiple Forbes lists, including 2020's "America's Best Employers By State" and "World's Most Valuable Brands," one may wonder if this success transcends down to the way it pays its employees.

According to Indeed, cooks, cashiers, and team members make an average hourly amount that falls within the $9 range. Assistant store managers are also paid in the $9 price range, while shift managers make a bit more with their hourly rate being $11.73. Assistant managers and general managers make $12.83 and $12.63 per hour, respectively; while restaurant managers are making a full-time, yearly salary of $40,383. For those who are qualified to land a job as a district manager, however, payouts are an average of $66,400 per year. So, how do these amounts measure up to Burger King's current CEO José Cil's net worth, you ask? They kind of don't.

Cil is the CEO of Restaurant Brands International, which owns Burger King

José Cil, who QSR notes as taking over the CEO position from Daniel Schwartz in 2019, is worth a pretty good amount. According to the stock market insight website Wallmine, the industry giant's current estimated net worth is a wow-worthy amount of "at least $37.3 million" with more than $20 million of that coming from his salary at Restaurant Brands International (the parent company of Burger King). The website also reveals that Cil is currently the highest paid executive at the company.

Although a $20 million per year salary may seem as if it's too much to some, it's important to remember that RBI is not only the parent company to Burger King, but to Popeyes and Tim Hortons, too. As Cil is the chief executive office over RBI as a whole, that leaves him in charge of all three restaurants. And, having previous tenure with Burger King — he served as the president prior to his move into his current role and worked with Burger King for just under 20 years — doesn't hurt either (via Restaurant Business).

And what about the remaining almost $20 million? Where does that come from? Wallmine reports that Cil also owns over $15 million worth of stock in the company and has sold almost $1 million in QSR stock since 2015. But with Burger King's reputation for letting customers have it their way, as well as the increase of sales at Popeyes thanks to the beloved chicken sandwich, one can only assume that his net worth will see a rise soon.