This Cleaning Trick Will Save Your Measuring Spoons

It's safe to say that one of the worst parts of cooking is the cleanup after it's all done. Even if you're a clean-as-you-go type of person, like chef Marcela Valladolid, there always seems to be one left over pot, pan, or spoon that gets overlooked, making for an even tougher scrub when it finally gets its turn in the sink.

Things can get even messier when it comes to baking, as a number of recipes call for sticky ingredients such as molasses, peanut butter, or honey. These are already a task to measure out in the first place, not to mention the need for a little extra elbow grease in order to get the gunk out of the nooks and crannies of your measuring cups and spoons once adding the ingredient to the recipe. 

At least, that's what used to be the case. One person shared a clever trick with Taste of Home that takes away the struggle of cleaning utensils after measuring out sticky ingredients. Here's what she suggests home bakers do.

Use cooking spray when measuring out sticky ingredients for an easier cleanup

Keep your cooking spray close the next time your cake or cookie recipe calls for a sticky ingredient, because that's the key to an effortless cleanup once the treats are in the oven. "First, use nonstick cooking spray on your utensils and measuring cups," Nancy Goss shared with Taste of Home. "You'll be surprised how easily everything comes off later."

This trick is for more than just cleanup as well. As noted by Kitchnthe sticky ingredient "will literally just slide out" of the measuring cup when pouring it into the bowl, ensuring that the proper amount gets added into whatever recipe you're following. This is especially important when it comes to baking, as even the slightest deviation in measurements can be the difference between a picture-perfect cake or a major baking fail (via Food Network).

There are a few other methods for ditching the mess when measuring out sticky ingredients as well. As suggested by Cuisine At Home, lining your measuring cups with plastic wrap is another option that makes for an easier cleanup. The publication also proposes dipping your measuring spoons in hot water before measuring out an ingredient like honey to prevent sticking.