Nigella Lawson Only Had One Request After Her Divorce

Many of us might be familiar with Nigella Lawson's "as seen on TV" kitchens — the ones that are used as backdrops for her different television shows, including Nigella: At My Table and Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat. But it's really through social media that we get to see how the domestic goddess chooses to deck out her home kitchen. One of her prized possessions is a hulking mint 'green Aga stove. 

Per Hello!, Lawson doesn't even use her AGA that often because as she says, "This beauty [the AGA] has been off all summer, but am now embracing Autumn by officially switching on the aga! I am holding out a bit longer before changing to winter-weight duvet though." The mint green theme is also evident in this Instagram post, where Lawson talks about making her emergency brownie recipe against the backdrop of her kitchen, which is decked out in white, green, and rose, with an eye-watering array of pots and pans.

Nigella Lawson asked for the contents of her kitchen in divorce settlement

Her home kitchen may not be as glamorous as her TV counterpart, but its exactly what we would imagine a cooking diva's kitchen would look like. It also makes us wonder whether what we see is all that remains of her past as Mrs. Charles Saatchi, who is a well-known art collector and former advertising guru (via Britannica).

During her highly-publicized divorce, Lawson's friend Nathaniel Goldberg said the celebrity chef reportedly asked for nothing of her wealthy, society husband except the insides of her kitchen. "She adores the indulgences in life – good food, good face cream, good bed linen. But she's not spoilt. The very fact she walked away from her marriage without asking for anything other than the contents of her kitchen is testament to that," Goldberg told The Mirror. He also said that Lawson threw a party after everything was finalized that included lawyers and her friends.